Bookmark SLJ

For the Summer learning Journey we made bookmarks on paper or digtaly

First we watched a video how to make a bookmark on paper. if we did it on chromebooks we had to use shapes to make a bookmark then design it.

Next we design the bookmarks with color pencils or tracing pictures. for my one i did a goku black one for my bookmark and i also traced it all by myself.

Lasty we blogged about it.

I did well on my Bookmark. i need to inprove on tracing. i enjoy making bookmarks.

Sleigh design

For Inquiry we made a Sleigh on our chromebooks

First we had to make our design we couldnt use clipart so we had to trace it.

Next you had to go on a produce document put in the end results and the picture.

Lasty you had to make a recount of what you did.

I did well making the Sleigh. i need to inporve on designs. i enjoy tracing things.


Christmas 8 bit

For Cybersmart we did christmas things

First we had to make a christmas game on sratch. or had to make a christmas picture on pencil code.

Next after doing srcath or pencil code you had to make some pixel art on 8 bit art.

Lasty when you finshed you had to make a recount blog.

I did well on pencil code. i need to inporve on 8 bit art. i enjoy doing chrismtas things.

Superhero (Summer Learning Journey)

For Summer Learning Journey we made our own superhero.

First we had to describe what kind of superpowers our superhero had and what they looked like.

Next we had to copy and paste the planning of our superhero and put in to this website called Crayion where a AI genrates diffrent pictures of what you said. like for example if you said purple aura it would give some with purple arua.

Lasty after that we had to take one of the picutres on to the DLO. After that you had to write about there family what superpowers they have what they use to transpot. Enemy freinds and there challenges

I did well doing the superhero. I need to inprove on DLOs. I enjoyed the Summer Learning Journey.


HPE Athletics

For Athletics we did shotput Discus and high jump

after Morning tea the seniors had too line up. after Ls2 went to high jump while Ls1 went in there A and B groups.

First group B went to discus. i was in green team. for discus we had to hold a discus and the discus was a bit heavy

Next We went to shotput. for shotput we had to throw a metal ball across. then we moved on for high jump. for high jump you had to run around and then jump over the line and not hit it.

Lasty for Athletics we did Sprinting it was year 5s then all the way to jouinrs in 3 place for year 6 boys was me.

I did well in sprints. I need to inprove in discus. i enjoyed springting and Athletics.

Maths Telling the Time

For maths we didi Telling the Time on the clock

First we had to make a copy of the Telling the Time google drawing.

Next we had to wirte the exact time on the clock.

Lasty we had to make a blog and a recount of what we did.

I did well Telling the Time. I need to inporve on doing tasks more faster. i enjoy Telling the Time for maths.

Comic Strip

For reading we did a Comic Strip and you had to write about your own story

My story was about a dragon that couldnt fly or breathe fire but for a while he could be able to now fly and breathe fire straight out of his mouth.

First we had to plan how to do our story so we did a brainstrom and plan on paper. the paper was the same as the google  drawing we did on our chromebooks.

Next we had to write our story on our chromebooks.

Lasty we had to blog a recount about what we did.

Letter To miss Telea

For Wiriting we had to write a letter to miss telea about what we did at the gala

First i made a copy of the document and started working on my letter.

Next i said in my letter what i did what the other rooms where selling and what i bought with my tokens.

I need to inporve on letters. I did well doing it. i enjoy wiriting letters.

Famous Failures

For PB4L we did a task about Famous Failures.

First we watched the Famous basket ball player  Micheal Jordan.

Next we had to complete a Google Drawing about famous people the quote and there  Failure

Lastly after doing that we had to make a blog recount.

I need to inprove on my  Failures. i did well doing the google drawing. I enjoy doing PB4L